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I Have a Dream

The project „I have a dream“ was inspired by the famous speech of Martin Luther King. Students participating in this project were creating something as a common vision of a future better world and thanks to this project they raised their social awareness and sensitivity. Based on their reflections on their actual lives and their plans for the future the participants also discussed things that should be changed to make our world better. After having worked on this project, the participants have also gained a better understanding of a situation of young people in different parts of the world, especially in Turkey, Romania, Poland and Italia. First, students had to introduce their country via presentations and their vision of their future. Then they discussed various problems affecting not only their own country but the global social issues as well. As their final product participants presented a video on a common vision of future.

Let´s Be Responsible for Our future

It is an eTwinning project which focuses on young people and their future. Our partner school is from Denmark and we tried to compare our political system, discussed our past and had a look on our present and future. We were really lucky because we had an occassion to meet each other in Ostrava and we spent a few days together.

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The Creative Classrooms Lab project

  • carries out a series of policy experimentations to collect evidence on the implementation, impact and up-scaling of 1:1 pedagogical approaches using tablets. This evidence will enable policy makers to take more informed decisions. lessons drawn from the policy experimentations will also: 
  • provide guidelines, examples of good practice and a training course for schools wishing to include tablets as part of their ICT strategy.
  • support capacity building within Ministries of Education and regional educational authorities and encourage them to introduce changes in their education systems.
  • enable policy makers to foster large-scale uptake of the innovative practice that is observed during the project.
  • focuses on how practice is changed as a result of tablets being used for collaboration, personalisation and active learning.
  • explores how tablets can be successfully integrated with classroom technologies already in mainstream use.

We have been piloting this project for two years.

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At the Crossroads of Cultures

In April 2014 twelve students of our school took part in a project called “At the Crossroads of Cultures” in Zanka, Hungary. This project was funded by International Visegrad Fund and its aim was to create a cultural map of the Visegrad countries, i.e. Hungary, Poland, Slovakia and the Czech Republic.

Students from these countries met in a lovely resort town near the Balaton Lake and within one week they introduced their countries in interesting presentations, by performing national dances or singing folklore songs. The outcome of this camp, the cultural map, consisted of videos shot by individual groups of Czech, Slovak, Polish and Hungarian students and included extracts from all of their performances.

All participants enjoyed the camp, made new friends and were excited to have learned a lot of new facts about V4 countries.

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