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English Christmas presentation

On 18 December 2014 the whole class 1C introduced an English X-mas presentation as a gift to other students and teachers of our school. The students performed a range of lively activities aimed at grammar quizzes, own Hladnov TV news, videos, poems,  songs and drama sketches.

Moreover, they interact with their schoolmates and invited them to participate in some task activities (e.g. grammar and language quizzes) Together we spent a nice time of playful learning.


Competition in English conversation 2014

On 17 December, just before Christmas holiday, there was a competition in English conversation held at our school. The winner of the school contest goes to more prestigious regional competition and so students spent weeks preparing. Congratulation goes to Ondřej Michalík (1.A), Nikol Sekulová (3.C) and Dominika Gongolová (2.C). Ondřej Michalík is going to represent our school at the regional competition in February.


Christmas concert

Hladnov Rock  Choir is a lively body that joins enthusiastic and talented musicians  from our school. The choir was set up in September this year and is directed by Miroslav Hlavačka.

We focus mainly on singing rock and pop songs. Nevertheless, we strongly encourage our students to sing other genres as well in order to develop their vocal skills and gain general musical awareness.

Currently we are getting ready for a Christmas concert, which is going to take place on 19 December 2014.  We rehearse every Friday from 13.45 till 15.30, so if you are interested, come and join us!


Gymnázium Hladnov a Jazyková škola s právem státní jazykové zkoušky, Ostrava, příspěvková organizace
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