Gymnázium Hladnov a Jazyková škola s právem státní jazykové zkoušky, Ostrava, příspěvková organizace


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English Rock Choir


Hladnov Rock Choir is a lively body that joins enthusiastic and talented musicians keen on interpreting non-artificial music. The choir was set up in September 2014 and is directed by Miroslav Hlavačka.

Our vision:

Our main goal is to perform pop and rock songs in cooperation with Hlad-now band and other talented musicians. We interpret and sing songs we like and organize concerts for fans of modern music.

Our achievements:

Our first concert in December 2014 was a big success. The Christmas concert for about 500 people took place in the former Vesmír cinema (see the pictures).

Our plans:

The next concert is scheduled for 11 February 2015 and will be held in Alfa hall in Ostrava. We are also planning to take part in a national high-school vocal competition in March.

Our repertoire:

World music:

  • Yakanaka Vhangeri (traditional African song)
  • O Happy Day (British gospel)
  • Carol of the Bells (Ukrainian carol)
  • EIAIE (folk song from New Zealand)
  • A selection of Czech traditional carols and folk songs arranged by M. Hlavačka
  • Nirvana: Smells like teen spirit
  • Morcheeba: Rome wasn´t built in a day
  • J. Denver: Leaving on a jet plane
  • L. Reed: Perfect day
  • P. Williams: Happy
  • L. Cohen: Halleluia



Gymnázium Hladnov a Jazyková škola s právem státní jazykové zkoušky, Ostrava, příspěvková organizace
Hladnovská 1332/35
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